Clean up underway across El Paso after severe thunderstorm

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EL PASO, Texas – Crews are busy cleaning up the aftermath of Monday’s thunderstorm across El Paso.

El Paso International Airport recorded nearly half an inch of rain. Hail also pelted several homes and vehicles.

Tillie Escandon, who lives on Courchesne Road in El Paso’s Lower Valley, saw extensive damage to her home.

"We tried opening the door and as soon as we tried opening the door, water started seeping out of the house," Escandon said. “It was around three to four feet of water inside the house.”

Her family was unable to sleep at the house Monday night, so they went to a hotel.

"All I did was cry," Escandon said. "A lot of stuff got ruined because of it. Furniture got moved. Our refrigerator fell. Our sofa moved. I mean everything is ruined."

Escandon said the arroyo near her home overflowed. She said she and her neighbors had voiced their concerns to El Paso Water, but nothing was done about it until it was too late.

"I have my own little RIo Grande here at the house," Escandon said.

Alec Felhaber works at Construction and Environmental Consultants Incorporated. His office located at 5400 Suncrest Drive was flooded. A rock wall in the parking lot of the office came crashing down, and Felhaber’s vehicle was heavily damaged.

"It’s pretty much a loss," Felhaber said. "It’s odd to see such large boulders on the hood which means probably water was above the hood, and as high as the actual roof of the car. But, that’s what insurance is for."

Norma Rios’ Upper Valley home was also impacted by the thunderstorm. Rios said lightning struck the 40-foot tall tree outside her home, and it came crashing down on her fence.

"It all happened in five seconds," Rios said in Spanish. "It’s about $12,000 – $15,000 worth of damage."

City officials said the Streets and Maintenance Department will continue clean up over these next couple of days. After that they will address any potholes that emerged as a result of the storm.

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