Top El Paso TX Restaurants That Are Sure To Please The Palate

The Sun City welcomes you, and we are going to look at three restaurants there. Did you know that Sun City is a nickname for El Paso, TX? That’s right, and the Texas heat can sure prove it for you. Is this your first time to El Paso? Whether you know that city quite well or this is your first visit, it’s great to know the names of some of the top restaurants in El Paso.

Stonewood Modern American Grill is located on North Mesa Street, and it is a great place to grab brunch. Menu highlights include steak, cornbread, mac n cheese and more. One of the reviews really jumped out at me because it mentioned brisket nachos. That just sounds so delicious, and it is something I have never tried. I can tell you for sure that it would be what I ordered if I went to Stonewood Modern American Grill.

Toro Burger Bar is another great place in El Paso to grab a bite to eat. It is located on Montana Avenue, and besides just the delicious burgers, they also serve up garlic fries and crab cakes. There are likely other great menu choices as well, but those garlic fries sure do have my attention. Plus, if I went to a burger bar, I would be getting a burger for sure.

Circa 1963 is another top restaurant in El Paso, Texas. It is located on North Kansas Street, and it is known for its wood fired pizzas. Pizza sounds good, too, doesn’t it? You’ve got pizza, burgers and brisket nachos from this article about El Paso TX restaurants. I would call that a win for sure. It would also be hard to pick a spot for the first visit, but I think I would go for the brisket nachos.